"Just a girl with a dream"

This is me ... Amy .... Murph or Ames to my friends, Aunty Mi-Mi to my sisters children, formerly Uncle Amy to my brothers children until they grew a little and realised the difference (sad days) and "The Long Haired General" to Chris!

This page is just to tell you a little about me and will, I hope, give you an insight into what makes me tick and how I work ... so here goes ... 

I love cappuccino coffees, Krispey Kreme donughts, Harley motorbikes, pizza and a good bottle of Dr Loosen German wine (as some of my good friends will confirm).

I am a complete romantic, I admit it with zero embarrassment.  One of my most famous sayings is "there is not enough love in this world" and so, through my photography I want to capture every essence of every moment that proves me wrong.

Photography has been a love of mine for as long as I can remember; I recall costing my parents a fortune in the days of 24 and 36 exposure film - my thirst for making photographs far outweighed the number of chores I could do to earn my pocket money!  

My happy places are ...

1) with the people I love the most ... followed closely by ...

2) anytime I have a camera in my hand, and ...

3) always when I am capturing images for clients - who ultimately end up as coffee companions and friends! 


My approach to any photography venture is with an open mind and an open heart in equal measures; I am relaxed but at the same time driven to achieve the perfect picture, "going the extra mile" comes as standard with any AMP photography package!


If you want a photographer who can button-up wedding dresses, position button holes, retrieve run-away-toddlers from the gents toilets, do the Windsor Knot tie, someone on whom you can put your complete trust and faith in that you will not need to worry about a thing, and someone who will deliver you an album of beautiful images, regardless of your event or occasion, we should definitely talk

I hope this gives you an idea of who I am and, if you can imagine yourself hanging out with me in a coffee bar eating cakes, and, ultimately, you like my photography, let's chat about how we can combine the two!  I can't wait to talk with you! 

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