• Amy x

Hello 2021 ...

The clock has just struck midnight, I've made the important calls and sang Auld Lang Syne with my family via video calls whilst Jools Holland and the Pipers are belting it out on the TV, and I just wanted to take a moment and have a quick reflection back on the last 12 months ... It's not been the best, has it? In fact, at times, its been pretty bloody brutal!

Times such as the last 12 months have made me really appreciate all that I have, and probably more than anything, 2020 has given me a realisation of all that I've taken for granted!

2020 has been a challenge for me - getting Covid in March, thankfully not to the level of severity of some, but like many others I have struggled terribly with the separation from my family and friends, I've lost some special friends along the way and reinforced relationships with people who have helped me through these dark times. And in the background, in the darkness of the lockdowns and the endless days without my family, I could feel my little photography business and the big dreams I've always had just slowly ebbing away.

My diary and bookings got thinner by the day, my clients cancelled or postponed weddings and special events, families rescheduling shoots for "when its safe" to rebook, New phrases like "social distancing" came into being and before I really took full stock of the situation, I had a full year with no bookings and some big decisions to make. Now, I know that I am very fortunate that my photography is an additional income for me; whilst I have been working on making it a full time business, I still have my "day job" to keep the wolves from the door, but my photography is the very essence of who I am, its what makes me tick - this is me!

So as the first day of the new year rolls in, the hours of hard work over the last couple of months are still fresh in my mind, the new logo, the update website, the planning and strategies, the events and the big decision was not such a big one afterall; I am not ready to give up on my photography dreams and so I won't!

Though a little weary as I write this, as its almost 3am on NYD and I am almost through a bottle of wine, my resilience to persevere and to make all of my photography dreams come true - or at least, to give it my best shot - stands firm!

2021 - you better be ready for me 'coz I am coming at'cha!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope all your dreams come true in 2021 and more than anything, I wish you happiness and health! Stay safe! x