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So .... I did a thing ...

Updated: May 14, 2021

.... well not me exactly ... but kind of me!!!

I've taken a few weeks away from social media, from the daily posts just to give myself a bit of headspace after the absolute ultra highs of the Styled Shoot last month and finally talked myself into something that I've been thinking about doing for such a long time, but ultimately talked myself out of doing every time!!! I've been waiting for a day when I've died my hair, or lost a few pounds, and in some fleeting moments of confidence, I've even asked a friend, or the hubby, if they could take a quick photo ... but this never works!

So I did it ... I booked a headshot photo shoot with a super amazing photographer, after seeing a friends headshot photos, taken by the same person! So I thought "sod it" I'm going to do it! And I'm going to leave myself open to being photographed just as I am ... real ... grey hairs, crows feet, double chins, a few pounds heavier than I'd like, a goofy smile and contagious laughter, but hell, this is me, this is who I am! And this is what you get when you book Amy Murphy Photography.

I hate (with a passion) having my photographs taken ...

... and have only ever had professional photographs taken once before in my life - that was on my wedding day (and I didn't much like them photos either!) - but I put on the big girl pants, a bit of mascara, my jeans and my fav converse boots ... and off we went!

As much as I can love these images - considering they are of me, (hell! that sounds so vain ... and I promise I don't mean it that way) - Rafe, captured my character perfectly .... the laughing, joking, cappuccino loving photographer, that drops the occasional bad word and tends to snort when I laugh too much, and all but a few photos show me smiling or laughing my full-on-belly-chuckle, double chin laugh, and each image captures the way my eyes light up when the conversation was about photography or my family ...

... and this is the real me!

This blog was inspired by ...

  1. Rafe's great work (with a slightly reluctant subject), and

  2. the fact that I want people who are embarking on their photography journey and who might pause at my website or social media pages to see the real Amy Murphy - no filters hiding the grey hairs, no photoshopping out the wrinkles or those dimples!!

Having my own photo session has given me first hand experience of all the feelings and nerves that my clients might experience when booking a shoot with me, and I can honestly now say - I get it!

I understand the butterflies in the stomach, the nervous don't-want-to-look-fake-smiles, the self-image-issues .... I totally get it, but, you know what? It doesn't matter a single bloody jot!! I am never going to change; yes I may lose a few pounds, but I am losing the battle with the grey hairs, and those dimples were there from day 1, and I definitely know that I am always going to snort when I laugh too hard ... but this is me!

In wanting to keep things real and true to my roots, I asked Rafe if we could take my photos in my home town, Royston; the park steps, the huge tree in the park, the high street and Kooky Nomad lended themselves perfectly; they offered me a little security in being somewhere I know, somewhere familiar, where I feel safe ... home!

Thank you Rafe for making me feel brave;

thank you Royston for being home ...

... and thank you Kooky Nomad for the lovely coffees!

So, to bring this blog to a close, I'd just like to share these last few words ...

... do the thing that scares you; take the photos regardless of whether your hair needs colouring, or you've done your make-up or had a shave, don't wait until you've lost a few pounds, grab your parents and your children and the dog and take those damn photos ... don't wait ... just do it ... and find a photographer who is fun to be with and who will understand your fears, reservations, and doubts ... like I do ... coz I've been where you're at and we can make this journey together ... I'll be right there with you!

Stay safe & keep well all

- Amy x