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The importance of "clicking" with your wedding photographer!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

In the last week or so, since the Prime Minister's announcements regarding the plan for reducing the lockdown restrictions, there has been a new level of anticipation building and a clear mounting excitement around the matter of weddings! I for one, am literally bursting to get back to work and could hardly contain myself when I had a zoom call the other day with one of my postponed 2020 couples!! I am trying to manage my excitement at the same time as being realistic about the challenges we - not just us wedding specialists - but every person across the country, is facing right now, and taking a pragmatic approach.

So with this in mind, and whilst Valentines Day is still quite recent in our memories, I thought it would be helpful to give all you of your lovely folks planning their "I do" ceremonies some help and tips on the importance of "clicking" with your photographer!


Your wedding day is a one time deal for you and your wedding photographer; there are no second chances and no opportunities to say "can we just go back and do that bit again". So from the moment of signing that booking form and contract, you need to be as confident as you can be that you have chosen the right person to capture these special "one time" images.

Not only does your wedding photographer have to be experienced with a clear track record and portfolio of wedding photography, but there are other things that each couple should consider and take into account when making their selection; and I hope this blog will help highlight some things to think about.


Do your research and look around - it can get confusing looking at lots of photographer's websites, but after looking at a few, instinctively, you will be drawn to the ones that reach out to you, the ones that will strike a chord in you and these are the photographers you should meet in person.

Look at lots of examples of work - photographers love showing off their work, so take your time browsing through galleries and blogs to see examples of their work. Not only will this give you a first hand look at that particular photographers work and skills, but it will also give you the opportunity to learn the style of photography you may like or dislike.

Understand the different styles of photography - there are 3 main styles of photography and then a combination of all 3;

  • Reportage - also known as photojournalistic or documentary photography. With this style of photography, your photographer will get close and in amongst you and your guests capturing candid "in the moment" shots - emotion and all!

  • Traditional - traditional or otherwise known as formal wedding photography, is the classic posed look you see in group shots. Now-a-days fun group shots are really popular

  • Contemporary - contemporary photography is very artistic and feel a little more editorial. Couples with lots of creative vision love this kind of photography

  • A mix of all 3 - for me, I love working in a bit of all 3. I will mingle with your wedding party and guests to get the candid shots, and I do like some of the traditional poses but with a romantic twist on them, and then add a whole lot of contemporary and this is my dream wedding album!

If you have an idea of the kind of styles and images you are wanting, this will be a huge help to your photographer!

A photographer's website says a lot about the photographer - if you like the style and presentation of the website, the chances are you will like the photographer. It is also worth checking out the photographer's FaceBook page, Twitter and Instagram pages and take note of how the photographer responds to comments and feedback.

Though you may get a good feeling from a website or email exchange, nothing beats that "gut instinct" feeling from the first meeting. Normally, people will know within the first few minutes of meeting a photographer if they click with that person. Never underestimate your gut instincts and first impressions!

An engagement shoot may seem un-necessary but they are invaluable for seeing first hand how your photographer performs and works, how at ease you feel with them now will prove essential for the big day, and ultimately will give both you and your photographer the chance to spend more time together, in an environment where pictures are being taken, and where you can get to know each other better in a setting a little more out of your comfort zone and this will prepare you to a certain degree for your big day.

These are the most important pieces of advice I can offer to any bride and groom looking for their wedding day photographer; there are other things to bear in mind and questions to ask, like ensuring that the photographer you meet is the photographer who will capture your big day; read the small print and always ensure that you are happy with the terms and conditions and legalities; always ask for confirmation of the photographers insurance - you never know when you may need this - and never be afraid to ask questions about any element of a photographer's work, pricing structure, package details - all of these things are vitally important and will help you in making the right decisions.

In closing, go with what feels right - if you meet a photographer who is on your wave length, who shares your level of excitement over your forthcoming wedding, who is relaxed and happy to throw their own idea's into the hat for your to chew over, and someone whom you feel comfortable with, who you can trust to take you that little bit further out of your comfort zone, then this sounds like you have found your wedding day photographer!

Good luck in your search and I hope this blog has helped a little!

Stay safe & keep well all x

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