Time .... is a gift - not a given!

I've been thinking about writing this blog for a while and it's always the beginnings that I get stuck with ... once I've got going, there's no stopping me! lol!!


So I'm just going to jump on in and let my fingers pound out the keys and share the words that are running around in my head ...

Time is precious ...

I know it sounds cheesy to say this, but trust me, it is. If I could press the pause button, rewind a good few years, I wouldn't change the steps ... I'd just say a few more words to the important people and take a shed load more photos!

I'm nearing my mid-40's and the last photo I have of me and my Dad was taken almost 24 years ago ... how did I let that happen? I'm a photographer for heaven's sake!!! Before he died, I took lots of photos of him, but I never asked anyone to snap one of the two of us together. I guess I was a bit vain back then; too worried about having a bad hair day, or not having any makeup on, or wearing my Sunday scruffs, or maybe I was just always too busy doing "something" and just never made the time. And now its too late!

And this is why photography is so important to me

When I take a photograph I can capture that moment in time, I can give people a pause button for just a second, and allow them to freeze that moment, they can revisit that smile or laugh or hug and they will always remember what that moment felt like, because they can see the feeling in the photograph.

When my brother and sister had babies, those poor children must have felt like they were being "papped" every time I saw them. But now, when my first born niece gets married she will know that her Aunty Mimi will be presenting a slide show at her wedding reception of every moment of her gorgeous baby days, and when my first born nephew turns 18 he knows that I am going to tape his baby photos to every lamp post in his home town ... because I can, I took the photos!!!

For my lovely clients who have become firm friends, I am always so thrilled to capture your special days and events because I know that I am leaving with you not just a photograph but the feelings of the moment it was made - this is priceless and fills my heart with so much love!

So ... to bring this blog to a close ...

Time is precious; its a gift, not a given and no-one knows how much or little of it we have, so if I can impart a small piece of advice to all who read this ... take those photographs, don't wait for a good hair day, or when you've got a smart shirt on - no-one is going to care what you're wearing in twenty years, but you're sure to care about never taking the photo when you had the chance.

Grasp the moments that you have with your important people and make a scrap book of memories; photography is a common medium these days with selfie sticks and digital cameras and you can find your own pause button and freeze that moment. Do it unconsciously and without reservations.

Each of us has a responsibility to the ones we love to leave this memory book ... for one day, memories and photographs are all that they will have!

In memory of my friend AH x




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