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Wedding Photography

I am truly passionate about every element of my photography, but if it's possible to be, I am even more so about the Weddings I am entrusted with. 

Over the years I have met many lovely couples and can't help but feel blown away when I get that phone call or email or text that says "Amy, we would love for you to be our wedding photographer" - I will never tire of this feeling nor will I ever take it for granted!


It is my intention to keep things simple and straight forward when it comes to your wedding photography​ and how you go about making the big decisions about what you do and don't want - so here's the short version of what you can expect from me.

What To Expect

  • I am a fully inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly, no fuss but lots of love photographer; an "all in, all of me, nothing less" kinda' person and I adore a good love story!  


  • I want to capture all the small intimate details of your day as well as the big moments; I want to record all of the personal touches that you and your partner have put in place to make your day special and unique

  • We will have a pre-wedding meeting - hopefully a chance to meet in person over a coffee and talk through all your ideas and wants for your special day, afterwards I'll be available to you anytime to chat via phone, WhatsApp, Zoom or email. We can meet and chat or speak over the phone as many times as you wish - my aim will always be to ensure you are happy, comfortable and relaxed come your wedding day! ​

Wedding Photography

  • A complimentary "Lifestyle" Engagement Shoot within 30 miles of Royston base 

  • An online password protected gallery with full access to high resolution digital downloads

  • I will personally review, cull and edit your wedding images delivering to you a beautiful gallery of memories

  • If overnight accommodation is needed for an early start or to avoid any potential travel disruptions, this will be discussed with you in advance & agreed costs kept to a minimum

Wedding Photography
Family Photography

Family Photography

Let's press pause on the special moments together!

How blessed I have been to have been entrusted with capturing these images!  

Time goes by so quickly; your babies will grow so fast, and you will lose people along the way; photographs are a way of keeping the memories alive for a little while longer and keeping the moments close.  In 20 years time your kids won't care that you weren't wearing makeup, or that your hair wasn't done, or that Dad's shirt wasn't ironed - but they will care if there are no photos to look back on!  I want to keep these moments 'real' and 'true' for all time!

Family Photography

What To Expect

Let's create some magical memories together!

When you book a family photo shoot with me, you can be assured of a fun, light-hearted, non-posed, memory making experience.  We will kick leaves, tumble in the long grass, climb the trees and jump in the puddles. We will eat sweets and blow bubbles, and just live that moment to the absolute fullest!  The ultimate goal for me, for this shoot, is to capture you and your family relaxed and happy and, as much as I can make, unaware of me tagging along taking your photographs!

A family shoot is a timeless and precious gift.  Time is one thing we cannot make more of ... but photographs is a whole different matter!  Get in touch to have a chat about how we can create some magical memories for your family to treasure!

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography is all about creating beautiful images in a combination of authentic and staged scenarios.

I have worked with people, who are budding models and are wanting to create a portfolio; Lifestyle Photography is a perfect way to achieve this.  There doesn't have to be any props, or special outfits, we can just hang out in a setting that you are comfortable in, chat and take photos as we go!  Equally, we can use the opportunity to explore styles, vibes and settings that are a little removed from every day life!

One of my favourite 'themes' is boho / country cowgirls, and I have been so fortunate to have befriended a beautiful lady who loves this vibe just as much as I do; together we have created a number of different shoots embracing both of our love and passion for this vibe and creating some amazing photos that I am proud to have in my portfolio!

Lifestyle Photography

What To Expect

A Lifestyle Photography shoot with me can be anything you want it to be!  

If you're a model wanting a portfolio shoot with a vibe you've been wanting to try - give me a call!

I will aim to capture you in a natural, unscripted manner, and will be happy to help with themes and settings as you wish!

Branding Photography

Corporate & Branding Photography

A Corporate and Branding Photography shoot with me has the standard 'AmyMurphy Photography' approach to fun and relaxed photography, but in a more formal and professional setting.  Whatever your business may be, we can create a vision board of images that will reflect and portray your business, your team and what makes you stand out from the rest.

Corporate Photography

What To Expect

The aim of a Branding and Corporate photography shoot with me is to capture your personality and character through the images, settings, locations and styles of your photography.  

For example, if you are an Eco Warrior Stationery Designer - lets venture out into nature where you can surround yourself with budding life that is all important to your company values.  If you are a tattoo artist, lets hang out in your studio and ask some of your clients to model while they get 'inked'.  Lets make your Branding Photography 'real'! 

Corporate headshots are still vitally important to the business world, but they don't have to be boring - lets embrace everything that your company stands for and holds close, and try to convey these messages through your corporate photography. 


I will work with you on everything from the location, to what to wear, to any props that may add to the story we're trying to tell through your photographs; I'll be with you every step of the way!

Wedding Photography
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