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Ending this week on a high and wanting to share it with you guys!

Pull up a pew, grab a cuppa, and take a short read ...

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As my nearest and dearest will know, this year for me so far has been all about the highs and the lows; the mistakes and learning the lessons - some of them tough - being brave, stepping out of the comfort zone, fighting fires, forming new lifelong friendships and partnerships (IFY,YK), and growing .... as a person and a business woman.

This year has seen me having a car accident, health scares and lumps, emotional highs and broken lows, events that have tested my self belief in me and my photography and taken me to the closest point of giving up, and through it all, I like to think that I am still the grounded and giving person I was before life starting throwing these rocks at me!

Today, I've allowed myself to take a little time to reflect and celebrate the wins - as my friend and business mentor Becca always says 'got to celebrate the wins no matter how big or small they may be'! So, that's where I'm at this afternoon!

Amy  - this is me
Photograph of me by Zoe Milward Photography

The lessons these first 4 and a half months of 2024 have taught me have been invaluable in so many ways, though the worst possible things that could have happened at the time, they have shown me how far I can be broken without actually breaking! And when the emotional fog has lifted and the nerves are a little less fraught, the way forward was clearer than ever.

This blog is to share my news that Amy Murphy Photography will not be broken and has formed and registered as a LIMITED company this week! This is the first of a few HUGE steps planned for the continued growth - and I hope, successes - of my little photography business and this one, I wanted to shout about today!!!

I truly feel that everything I have been through so far this year has bought me to this point, and though I wouldn't wish on anyone the obstacles, sleepless nights, worries and stresses that I've faced, I wanted to reassure people that you can get through it - whatever it is, you are not alone!

I'd have sunk had it not been for my family and a few close friends, and I will be forever grateful to them for standing by me and helping me through (YKWYA), and for not allowing me to give up on me!

This is the start of a new chapter for me and my photography, and for those of you who were around at the start of my story 10 years ago ... you'll know that the story line has had plenty of twists and turns but going forward its all about being braver, taking those big steps and hitting back!


Watch this space for the next big news flash from my little corner of the world and thank you to everyone who has helped me and stood by me - I couldn't have done it without you! x


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Always celebrate the wins Amy! Keep being you always, you always bring a smile to our faces :) x

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