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To celebrate the start of a brand new year ... well, 32 days in, and the recent launch of my shiny new website (thank you to 33Creative), I thought this would be a great time to introduce yours truly, so here goes ....

This is me .... Amy

THIS IS ME ⬆️ ... the person with, and behind, the camera

These are the things that I love and that make me who I am!

  • My family ...

  • My friends ... (especially the ones I haven't seen in 30 years, but when we reconnected it felt just like we'd seen each other yesterday)!!!

  • Sunsets ...

  • The sea ...

  • Sunflowers ...

  • Drinking Pimms in the sunshine ...

  • Thunder storms ...

  • The smell of freshly cut grass ...

  • Old photographs ...

  • Special memories ...

  • Making plans ...

  • And my photography ...

This is me - Amy - the person with and behind the camera - for those of you whom I haven't had the chance to meet yet, hiya!! Thank you for stopping by!

Let me just say one thing before I get into this ... this blog isn't about how I work, my style of editing, the kit I use or what you can expect from me on a shoot day; no, this blog is about me the person, what makes me tick, the things that will provoke tears and laughter, and a little about my 'vibe'. I think its important for you guys reading this to know all of the above, so you can get a feel for if I am 'your' kind of person before we even meet!

So, if you're ready, I'll begin ...

Pimms in the sunshin!

A good friend of mine said to me recently "Amy, you are sunshine in human form"!!!

Ok, so you know I just mentioned the tears ...??? Well, this got a sure reaction of heart strings tugged and tear drops! But, wow, what a beautiful thing to say about another person! I wrote these words down so I could keep them forever to steer me and comfort me on the harder, darker days.

A recent client - now a solid friend and business partner - said recently "On the day you were just a sparkle of joy"!!!

Direct hit number two! I'm not mentioning these words to brag, no, I'm sharing them because sunshine and joy are two of my favorite things that the world is sometimes lacking! I am drawn to people that glow from within and share their light on all those around them, and in return, hope to share a little sprinkling of my own magic dust along the way!

You may have guessed by now that I am a hippie at heart and am convinced that I missed 'my time' in the 60's ... though I happily wear my sunflower headband, converse high-tops and hareem pants on any given day!

I am all about making memories ... we only have one life and we need to live it to the absolute max, and make a million memories along the way. My camera roll on my phone is normally full, and my Lumix S5's are never too far away when the moment arises!

Here's some fun facts about me that a lot of people won't know ...

  • My favorite food is Italian - pizza or pasta normally

  • My favorite wine is either Pink Moscato Rose' or I am partial to a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

  • Tea or coffee - always coffee

  • Favorite season - autumn - the most beautiful colours, and the most breath-taking sunsets

  • A person who inspires me - my good friend, Laura, she is a fellow photographer who has become a firm friend and confidant over the last couple of years; and I proudly declare myself as her loudest cheerleader - no competition between the two of us!! Love it!!

  • Favorite place I've been too - I'm not well travelled (yet) as have always been a bit of a home bird, but I confess that my 'spiritual home' is in the Western Highlands of Scotland - followed closely by my sisters house!

  • My hero's in heaven (yes, I have 3) - my Dad, my Grandma & Grampy - I am sure they are all sat together in heaven, watching over me and those I treasure keeping us all safe!

  • My hero's 'earthside' - my sisters! They are fierce warriors and the most amazing Mummy's!

Amy, Ilse & Cat - sisters
  • Favorite sport - to watch, rugby

  • Favorite waste of time - jumping in the car, just going 'somewhere' - there's the hippie in me again!

  • Things that make me sad - missing my Dad, my Grandma & Grampy, never being braver when I was younger, the state of the world, and the cruelty amongst humans that seems to come so easily!

  • Things that make my heart happy - being a big kid with my nieces and nephews, unplanned road trips, my brand new tattoos ... I waited a 'few years' to get these! ;-) And last but not least, sharing the gift of my photography with people!

This is the short version of who I am and what makes me tick, so if I haven't scared your off - or bored you with my heavy word count - and you may like to have a chat about photography, or anything really, give me a call! I'd love to chat!

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This is amazing! So glad we found you and cannot wait to share our special day with you! S&G x


Omg … I love love love this …. You are my person ! So glad we’ve booked you ❤️

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